Lunar Cargo Handling System

Lunar cargo handling systems are an essential component of space exploration, particularly when it comes to establishing a permanent presence on the Moon. These systems are responsible for transporting, storing, and unloading cargo from lunar landers, rovers, and other vehicles, as well as distributing the cargo to various locations on the Moon’s surface.

Lunar cargo handling systems are a critical component of space exploration, and play a vital role in establishing and maintaining a permanent presence on the Moon. These systems must be lightweight, compact, and able to withstand the harsh lunar environment, while also being able to operate in the low-gravity conditions found on the Moon’s surface. With the increasing focus on establishing a permanent lunar base and exploring other parts of the solar system, the development of advanced lunar cargo handling systems will be crucial in supporting these efforts.

Lunar Oursolution

Our Solution for Lunar Cargo Handling System

Lunar –Transporter and Gantry System (L -TAG)

L –TAG Overview

The L -TAGoperates in two phases where in first phase an inflatable gantry crane ILGC is deployed which is responsible to load/unload the payload, in second phase the transporter BHEEM is responsible to carry the load to the base. The ILGC can handle mass of 12 mt and has 2 DOF, while the BHEEM has the capability to transfer mass of 12 mt with a speed of 200 m/hr on rugged lunar terrain.

A deployable whipple shield is provided around the vehicle to protect the payloadfrom lunar dust and micro-meteoroid impacts. Composite materials such as CFRP is used for BHEEM while orthotropic materials such as Kapton are used for ILGC as they possess high strength-mass ratio. In this report CAD models are designed and a theoreticalanalysis is performed on the design models to ensure its reliability and feasibility.


Features of L –TAG:

Parameter Value Units
ILGC System
Half-Length(arm) 5 Meters
Height 10 Meters
Inflatable Material Kapton
Working Pressure 2 MPa
Wrinkling Load(Max.) 34 Kn
Bheem Transporter Vehicle
Length 8 Meters
Height 2.13 Meters
Chassis Materia CFRP
Mass 3000 Kg
Velocity 5 cm/s
Max.Applicable Load 40 kn